What I've been working on for the last few years

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Status API

Check service uptime on layer 7

Dashboard in React and backend with public Rest API in Go to log uptime of server services. Unlike other uptime tools, services are checked at the application level - not just via TCP/UDP.
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The Parameter Query Manual

Web application in React and Go designed to assist in performing pentests. Based on specified information – the parameters – the application provides commands that can be combined to create a successful attack.
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UNITS Security Day 2022

Organization of a university event

Event at the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg to promote the study program “Unternehmens- und IT-Sicherheit”. Set up like a mini-event by the Chaos Computer Club, there were presentations by regional companies and IT security enthusiasts, as well as a CTF challenge and the well-known Pixelwars event.
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Workers URL Shortener

Short URLs with Serverless hosting

A link shortener based entirely on Cloudflare Workers and KV. Comes with a browser extension that allows to shorten the currently visited page with one click.
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Cloudflare IP Updater

Docker container für DNS updates

A small Docker container, that detects changes to a server’s public IP address and adjusts it in Cloudflare DNS. The goal is to minimize the downtime of services behind internet connections with a changing IP address. Full IPv6 support and suitable for multiple zones.
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Webapp for anonymous voting

The “Wahltool” (german for: election tool) is a web application written in React with a Go backend for conducting anonymous and DSGVO-compliant elections. Thereby the voting process is kept very simple for the voter and only requires an approved voter ID.